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Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation is opening a NEW center to everyone in the near future!

"The Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation Center is a place where everybody and anybody is welcome get advice from our trained counselors. They are not physicians, but they can refer you to a good physician who has a wealth of knowledge on sickle cell anemia disease, and has a lot of experience under his/her belt when it comes to the disease. If a family member is just looking for another family who is going through the same roller coasters that they've been going through, they can just sit down, talk, and share different experiences among themselves.

With our resources, the center can direct you to an appropriate entity to get financial help, or the center itself can help financially by engaging in fundraisers and other means, in order to help families who cannot pay for medicine or to see any doctor who specializes in the disease.

Unfortunately, a lot of African-Americans and blacks of non-origin in the United States who carry the disease are not aware of it, because of this fact, the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation Center will hold a free sickle cell screening once a month, where anyone can come and get a screening. The Foundation will encourage couples to get tested before marriage, because the majority of people who carry the disease should be aware that they have the option to get tested to see if they carry S in their blood, meaning their children have the risk of carrying the disease, and these people can find out what to do in this case.

The Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation Center will respectfully ask that people in all different communities become bone-marrow donors; they can come once a month to visit the center to donate bone marrow.